In 2005 a small struggling health food store decided to make a change. From that change Nutrition Discount Center was born with the mission to bring the highest quality natural products to Wisconsin, while doing it with better service and at less cost to the customer.

NDC started this mission by hiring knowledgeable staff and continuously training them with the latest information and research on vitamins, supplements, and natural health products.

Having staff in place Ownership, with over 30 years of extensive industry knowledge, brought in vitamin and supplement companies they knew to have the quality and products they were looking for, and removed any company they didn’t feel met their expectations.

To make sure their customers could afford the high quality products, NDC dropped the price on every item in the store.

Today, NDC keeps up with their mission by continuing to stock the highest quality products and sell them at discounted prices. Staff knowledge has continued to increase and by offering sales and coupons, prices have become more affordable than ever.