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  • Bigger Isn’t Always Better
    One of the most common challenges, usually faced by men over the age of fifty, is an enlarged prostate. Symptoms of this uncomfortable condition can include a weak urine stream, trouble urinating, frequent or urgent need to urinate, frequent nighttime urination, and not feeling that all urine has been emptied after a trip to the restroom.
  • OH, Sugar, Sugar!
    From ice cream to cotton candy to sweet tea, it seems there are endless possibilities to satisfy that sweet tooth during the warm months. But, while it’s OK to enjoy those things from time to time, we all know that indulging in these things regularly can wreak havoc on our blood sugar.
  • The Eyes Have It!
    Did you know that blue light has both advantages AND disadvantages? I know! We seem to always hear about how bad it is, but it has some benefits, too. And, it’s everywhere. It’s not just being emitted from electronic devices with screens.

Try a smoothie today!

Did you know that we have a delicious AND nutritious smoothie bar open at our NDC Natural Market locaton in Oshkosh? We use only the best ingredients and sell them for the best price. Choose a basic or premium organic fruit smoothie and add in your favorite mix-in! We have it all – from protein to maca, turmeric and greens.