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  • If I Only Had a (Healthy) Brain!
    Brain health is on the minds (pun intended!) of many of us. (Makes me think of a famous scarecrow that was worried about his brain!) This is especially true if you’re getting up there in years. Is there anything we… Continue Reading →
  • Keep it Together With Collagen
    Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body? It makes up about 25-30% of all protein in our bodies. Collagen is high in glycine, proline, and arginine which your body, incidentally, needs to produce more collagen. These important amino acids are not found in large supply in dietary protein such as chicken or beef. So, even if you eat an adequate amount of protein on a regular basis, you could still be lacking in the collagen department.
  • The Magic of Mushrooms
    Medicinal mushrooms have long been a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine as well as being used in many other countries for their health benefits. There are quite a few varieties of mushrooms used medicinally, and you may have heard of several. Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms get a lot of attention. We’ll discuss those here but also cover a couple of other lesser known types that may be worth looking into to improve your health.

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Did you know that we have a delicious AND nutritious smoothie bar open at our NDC Natural Market locaton in Oshkosh? We use only the best ingredients and sell them for the best price. Choose a basic or premium organic fruit smoothie and add in your favorite mix-in! We have it all – from protein to maca, turmeric and greens.